Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sigma Product Interview

Good morning! 

I'm working with a team to understand what researchers need to manipulate gene transcription and regulation.  We would like to talk to people who are working in an area related to gene regulation and would like to learn about their research.  
The goal of this 30-45 minute conversation is simply for us to better understand what researchers are doing and what they would like to do, so we can determine what tools and technologies are missing.  It is not a sales call, but a conversation directed to better understand what is needed to be successful in their research.  This will help Sigma develop products that solve unmet needs.

The interviews will be taking place through 1/15/11 and will be conducted by Research Biotech Marketing and R&D staff.
Because you are close to customers, we request your help in identifying people who would be interested in participating.  As a token of appreciation, we will be offering participants a $50 Amazon gift card.  Simply send me the contact info of those who are interested in participating, and we will arrange to set up the interview.   

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