Friday, January 7, 2011

Strategy for purification and mass spectrometry identification of SELDI peaks corresponding to low-abundance plasma and serum proteins.


Analysis by SELDI-TOF-MS of low abundance proteins makes it possible to select peaks as candidate biomarkers. Our aim was to define a purification strategy to optimise identification by MS of peaks detected by SELDI-TOF-MS from plasma or serum, regardless of any treatment by a combinatorial peptide ligand library (CPLL). We describe 2 principal steps in purification. First, choosing the appropriate sample containing the selected peak requires setting up a databank that records all the m/z peaks detected from samples in different conditions. Second, the specific purification process must be chosen: separation was achieved with either chromatographic columns or liquid-phase isoelectric focusing, both combined when appropriate with reverse-phase chromatography. After purification, peaks were separated by gel electrophoresis and the candidate proteins analyzed by nano-liquid-chromatography-MS/MS. We chose 4m/z peaks (9400, 13571, 13800 and 15557) selected for their differential expression between two conditions, as examples to explain the different strategies of purification, and we successfully identified 3 of them. Despite some limitations, our strategy to purify and identify peaks selected from SELDI-TOF-MS analysis was effective.

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