Saturday, November 6, 2010

Bionformatics market size report 2010: above 6B in 2013.

Below is an excerpt from Gobal Bioinformatics Market Outlook.
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Although the effects of recession looming large on different industries over the past year, the development and implementation of computational tools and frameworks for the management, analysis and interpretation of biological information remained the focal point of leading industrial players. Initial efforts in bioinformatics were focused on the analysis of DNA sequence data. Presently, the scope and objectives of bioinformatics research and development have broadened owing to the high generation of data from various sources and for different cellular processes, continuously evolving analytical technologies and the increasing computational capability.

As per our new research report “Global Bioinformatics Market Outlook”, the market for bioinformatics will surge at a CAGR of nearly 26% during 2011-2013 to a value of around US$ 6.2 Billion. Bioinformatics offers an indispensable technology for function assignment and it is widely used for gene annotation. With the increasing R&D investment by companies on bioinformatics and the regulatory support in various countries, we anticipate that the bioinformatics market will post high growth rate in majority of the countries.

At the country level, our study has found that the sales of bioinformatics in South Korea will grow at a CAGR of over 16% to US$ 270 Million by 2013. Other countries like India and the UK will also witness high growth rates in bioinformatics markets at a CAGR of approximately 9.5% and 16% respectively. Japan has demonstrated its capabilities as a global player in bioinformatics databases. Besides, the analysis software and services market for bioinformatics has registered a CAGR of more than 21% between 2007 and 2010.

We have found that the technology has its uses in a variety of areas, including Genomics, Proteomics, Pharmacogenomics and Cheminformatics. Our report provides the market size of these application areas for the past few years. Other research areas of bioinformatics like oncology are also highlighted in the report.

“Global Bioinformatics Market Outlook” provides extensive information and rational analysis of the global bioinformatics market and emerging trends. It gives an insight into the country trends and key market drivers to help clients with information that facilitates in taking prudent investment decision. The report also includes statistical analysis of different segments along with technological trends to give comprehensive overview of the market.

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