Saturday, June 18, 2011

MSE from Waters - the ultimate technology for reproducible profiling

"Waters mass spectrometers provide a method of data acquisition - known as MSE - that records exact mass precursor and fragment ion information from every detectable component in a sample. This method rapidly alternates between two functions: the first acquiring low-energy exact mass precursor ion spectra, the second acquiring elevated-energy exact mass fragment ion spectra. Every mass is measured, and spectra for each component aligned in retention time. This patented method records data without discrimination or pre-selection so your samples are completely catalogued in a single analysis.

When compared to Data Directed Analysis (DDA), MSE maximizes instrument duty cycle by ensuring that exact mass precursor and fragment ion information data are obtained for the entire peak complement of a chromatogram, making it ideal for fast analysis and narrow, rapidly eluting peaks. DDA results in both a loss of data in the MS mode when MS/MS data are being acquired, and poor duty cycle. MSE data is collected fast enough to accurately define the LC peaks for every detectable component.

MSE is faster than traditional MS followed by MS/MS analysis, and provides data that is not readily obtained by DDA, as both MS and MS/MS data for all detectable components in the chromatogram are generated. MSE can generate both precursor and product ions in a single analytical run thereby eliminating the need to rerun the samples to obtain further MS/MS spectra. To see MSE in action and hear what scientists have to say about it, visit"

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  1. Dear Dr. Liu,

    I am using MSe for protein identification and quantification. unfortunately, we dont have Expression software with us. Could you please let me know, how to align the precursor and fragment ion within retention time window using microsoft exel, Olease reply me on