Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Bioinformatics outsourcing

Eagle Genomics has just published a white paper that gives an analysis of the current state of outsourcing in the bioinformatics world, and lists 10 important considerations that every R&D IT manager should take into account when thinking about outsourcing a project.

Outsourcing has long been the holy grail of companies trying to make cost savings and increase efficiencies, and never more so than in the current economic turbulence that is sweeping the globe.Ten steps to successfully outsourcing industrial bioinformatics

With reducing R&D budgets, revenue streams under threat from near-expired drug patents, and general loss of consumer confidence leading to reduced sales, every organisation in the biotech world from corporate to academic is faced with making difficult decisions about the future structure and purpose of R&D teams. Outsourcing is vital to the ongoing ability of bioinformatics teams to effectively support R&D activities within their organisations.

More: http://www.eaglegenomics.com/files/register.html

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