Saturday, December 4, 2010

Bioinformatics: Global Market Forecast Updated

The global market for bioinformatics will surge at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of nearly 26 percent during 2011-2013, according to market research and information analysis firm RNCOS.
The research firm said that bioinformatics offers an indispensable technology for function assignment and is widely used for gene annotation. Initial efforts in bioinformatics were focused on the analysis of DNA sequence data.
However, presently, the scope and objectives of bioinformatics research and development have broadened owing to the high generation of data from various sources and for different cellular processes, continuously evolving analytical technologies, and increasing computational capability.
The global bioinformatics industry has been witnessing double-digit growth rate for the past decade due to ongoing research. With increasing R&D investments by companies on bioinformatics and regulatory support by various countries, the research firm anticipate that the bioinformatics market will post high growth rate in majority of the countries.
The research firm found that the technology has its applications in a variety of areas, including genomics, proteomics, pharmacogenomics, and cheminformatics.
Bioinformatics companies collaborate with other companies or with research institutes to enhance their operations. Partners may share the resources such as, products, intellectual property, project funding, knowledge, expertise, manufacturing capability, and capital equipment, added the research firm.

This research report categorizes the global bioinformatics market into the following segments:
Bioinformatics platforms
  • Sequence alignment platforms
  • Sequence manipulation platforms
  • Sequence analysis platforms
  • Structural analysis platforms
Content/Knowledge management tools
  • Specialized knowledge management tools
  • Generalized knowledge management tools
  • Data Analysis
  • Sequencing Services
  • Database & Management services

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  1. Bioinformatics has gained high importance due to its ability to facilitate rapid clinical research and various application such as gene therapy and molecular science.It is an interface between biological science and computational science..Bioinformatics uses information technology to integrate biological data..very informative report which helps for improving our business site..Thanx for sharing