Wednesday, October 20, 2010


ProSightPC 2.0 Software

Thermo Scientific* ProSightPC, the first stand-alone software for analyzing top-down proteomics data, has been enhanced to add support for middle-down and bottom-up experiments, making it an all-around tool for identification and characterization of both intact proteins and peptides.
ProSightPC* 2.0 software enables high-throughput processing of all accurate-mass MS/MS data, whether from top-down, middle-down or bottom-up experiments including the characterization of proteins with known PTMs. ProSightPC 2.0 software uses multiple search modes to determine the exact protein sequence including modifications and alternative splicing. It is the only proteomics software that allows the user to search their tandem MS data against proteome warehouses containing the known biological complexity present in UniProt.

ProSightPC 2.0 software is a complete software package for the identification and characterization of proteins, peptides, and PTMs. It features multiple search modes and can accommodated data generated with several different fragmentation techniques.
Supports top-down, middle-down, and bottom-up experiments
Includes five different search modes, including Accurate Mass, Biomarker, Sequence Tag, Single Protein and Gene Restricted search modes
Processes fragmentation data from ECD, IRMPD or CID

The proprietary ProSight Warehouse includes all known post-translational modifications (PTMs), alternative splicing events and single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs)
Import FASTA databases and shotgun annotates these databases with all possible modifications
Includes Sequence Gazer, which allows users to review search results and add, remove, or change modifications to look for better fits

Compatible with:
LTQ FT family of hybrid mass spectrometers
LTQ Orbitrap family of hybrid mass spectrometers
Proteome Discoverer software

A user guide

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